Hi, I'm Cristian Gomez.

I help data professionals...

inspire a goal-driven mindset.

Where it started.

Leading people is easier than leading oneself. I realized this when I moved across the world to Melbourne, Australia, from the South of Chile. It was to chase my dreams in the data space and give a better life for me and my family. Truthfully, it was a big challenge moving forward without anyone's guidance, both in a data-driven passion and achieving a dream. Along the journey, I was able to overcome challenges by learning from a load of books, courses, and new habits. I then shared the things I learned to help those whom I know personally, so they won't take the long road as I did.

That's where I realized that I can help more people, and guide them to define their goals with their deep motivation for career and leadership growth.


If you're ready to start, jump to any of the resources I have prepared for you and enjoy the career and/or leadership journey.


Read my latest articles and get insights about data science, career, and leadership.


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Get FREE ACCESS to these online resources that can help you start your leadership journey. The first part is a guide for aspiring leaders, while the second part is for existing leaders who want to excel in team communication.


It can also help you assess your own capabilities, defining clear leadership goals, or igniting your motivation to lead your team toward a common goal. With these, you can already start to pivot from the opportunity in growing your career and passion as a leader.


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I have free time every Saturday, and I decided to use it to talk with someone that I can give help. If you're that someone, schedule a consultation session with me. By the way, it's free. So don't be hesitant to reserve your schedule.

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